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The next hamlet meeting will be on Thursday November 19th at the Oregon Pilots Association Clubhouse, Mulino Airport. Directions are on the “About the Mulino Hamlet” tab. Meetings start promptly at 7:15pm and usually wrap up by 9:00pm.

Hope to see you there!

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Preliminary Mulino Hamlet Agenda for 11/19/2009

Call Town Hall Meeting to order 7:15 PM. Introductions ( 5 minutes total)

a. Verify all signed sign-in sheet.
b. Pass out handouts: agendas, minutes, treasurer’s report, Etc
c. Ask about citizen inputs; wanting to discuss new or old business items. (Chair adds to the agenda).
Introduce Speaker from County Community Health Scott France (30 Minutes)
Remind all about general meeting format :
For all action items that require a vote of the membership, first we open the meeting to general discussion, then the membership makes a motion and votes.
The directors discuss the item among themselves and vote if required or if they choose, they may affirm or modify the membership ‘s motion. then citizens may choose to vote again if the original motion is modified.
For all discussions, chair may need to limit time. Please only one person speaks at a time and wait to be recognized!
Chair will usually ask how many folks want to present items for discussion during citizen comment period (under new business items) and may choose to collect info on persons and subjects for organization.
It is possible that some items may be continued to the next meeting or the meeting continued to a date and time certain. Land use issues requiring a vote because of legal time restraints have precedence over all other business..

Chris Roth, Staff update discussions (~10 minutes)

    Finance and bills to pay. (2 minutes)
    a) Treasurer’s report.
    b) Discuss Hamlet Happenings final accounting. Our share owed is (Later,around $150). Director’s vote.
    c) Mike Wagner, map printing.
    d) Other bills?.

    Communications from officers and report of Committees (~15 minutes)
    a. Chair.
    b. Vice Chair.
    c. Sec Treasurer Laurel Roses;
    d. Director Duane H.
    e. Director Mike R.
    f. Website Joanne R.
    g. Registrar Renee H.
    h. Report of Power Committee from Tony B.
    i. Plan for December meeting?

    Old Business: (20 minutes)
    a. ODOT work issues; Mulino store, other
    b. Update on Hamlet/Village financial.
    c. Community Plan status & Update/possible vote on draft material. (Mike W.)
    d. Other

    New Business: (15 minutes)
    a. TBR zone Forest Dwelling Template test; Z0651-09. Property located south of 25240 New Kirchner Road. Application my Estate of Irma Voreis; Leland Vories, Personal representative.
    b. Other.
    Approve Minutes. Try to adjourn by 9:15 PM !
    Pass the hat. Donations are tax deductible!!
    Next Meeting is December 17, 2009.


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